17 Luxembourg attachés de justice trained at the ENM

A group of attachés de justice from Luxembourg started their initial training at the ENM, from 15 September to 6 October last. They will then continue for a further 5 weeks in Luxembourg.

Meeting with the Director of the ENM, Nathalie Roret, and the Deputy Director in charge of initial t
Meeting with the Director of the ENM, Nathalie Roret, and the Deputy Director in charge of initial training, Samuel Lainé.

For over 20 years, the ENM has been supporting the Grand Duchy with the initial training of its future judges and prosecutors, known as attachés de justice who are recruited on merit from among the ranks of the country's barristers. A group of 17 of them are currently being trained for their future careers as judges or prosecutors in Luxembourg, after spending 3 weeks at the Bordeaux site of the French National School for the Judiciary (ENM). Their 8 weeks of study will be completed by placements and seminars in courts and prosecutors' offices and with the Luxembourg police.

An intensive course with a practical focus

Les attachés de justice luxembourgeois s’exercent à leur futur métier grâce à des simulations d’audiences.
Luxembourg's attachés de justice practise their future role through role play and simulated hearings.

At the ENM, in particular, they attend teaching sessions on the methodology of civil and criminal judgment, the role of the prosecutor, supervision of investigations, presiding a criminal hearing, etc. The Luxembourg trainees then put what they have learned into practice through simulations of court hearings, a recurrent exercise in the training of French trainee judges and prosecutors. "It is very interesting to have the benefit of the experience and know-how of the ENM's training coordinators as a trainee from Luxembourg, as the two countries' legal systems are very similar," says Philippe, one of the Luxembourg trainees.

Also on the programme: sessions covering more cross-cutting issues and external visits, in particular visits to the forensic haematology laboratory, the crisis centre for the victims of violence (CAUVA) and the Bordeaux forensic institute, as well as a presentation of the financial criminal investigations unit followed by a visit to the National Customs Museum.

"I was very interested in the session on judicial interview and communication techniques, which I had never been taught before." Judges and prosecutors come into contact with all sorts of people: it is crucial that they be careful about the way they conduct an interview and that they know how to react in certain difficult situations," explains Isabelle, one of the trainees from Luxembourg.

In-service training for Luxembourg judges and prosecutors

The ENM also supports serving Luxembourg judges and prosecutors with in-service training courses, judicial training courses organised by the international department and specialist professional training, in particular for the Grand Duchy's commercial court judges.